Project Office Photos

Fr Daniel Ihunnia, MSP, in Sudan Mission providing medication for the sick.

Fr Idara Otu, MSP, in Sudan Mission feeding the hungry

Training Future Missionaries: Seminarians at our Seminary: Gwagwalada- Abuja, Nigeria

Youth Empowerment: A vocational School by MSP in Malawi

Missionary Society of St Paul primary school children in Nigeria.

Ridding to the farm: Fr Emmanuel Akpaidem rides with kids in Malawi

MSP has a lot of farm projects in Malawi

Commissioning of Water projects with help from Canadian Benefactors

Water projects were also sponsored by manos unidas -spain

School block built with help from our sponsors needs renovation

School children's toilet needs replacement

MSP working with children at Malunfashi Nigeria, Help us to provide future for them

(picture show Fr Martin Eke, MSP behind and FR Peter Ekwenuya, MSP right)

About MSP

The Missionary Society of St Paul began as an idea in the mind of its founder, Dominic Cardinal Ekandem. He first conceived the idea in 1950, but it took about 27 years for it to mature and see the light of day.

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