Solemn Admission in Houston

The Associate Missionaries of St. Paul (AMSP) is gradually taking root in the MSP parishes and beyond in the archdiocese of Galveston/Houston. Twenty AMSP members took their solemn admission on January 24, 2010 at St. Anne de Beaupre Church in Houston. The ceremony was held within the Sunday Mass presided over by the Auxiliary Bishop Joe Vasquez. In his homily, the bishop reminded the congregation that St. Paul the great apostle did not do the mission work alone but rather collaborated with many lay persons.

Following the footsteps of their patron, the Missionary Society of St. Paul is also working closely with lay missionaries around the world. He thanked the new AMSPs and invited them to use their talents and gifts to support the work of the Missionary Society of St. Paul. After the homily, the director of the mission development office in Houston, Fr. Felix Ilesanmi Osasona, MSP called each AMSP by name and they took their solemn admission in the presence of the mission superior, Very Rev. Fr. Desmond Ohankwere, MSP, Fr. Oliver Obele, MSP (pastor of St. Anne de Beaupre), and Fr. Aloysius Nzekwe, MSP (Assistant Director of the Mission Development Office). Bishop Joe Vasquez had since been named the Bishop of Austin Diocese. He would be installed the 5th Bishop of Austin on March 8, 2010. The first formal celebration of solemn admission took place in January 2007 at St. Peter the Apostle Church, Houston. The second one took place on January 25, 2009 at St. Philip Neri Church, Houston.
Also on January 24, 2010, thirteen members of St. Benedict the Moor Church in Savannah diocese, Georgia, took their solemn admission to be Associate Missionaries of St. Paul. Fr. Christian Alimaji, MSP, the pastor of St. Benedict the Moor urged the new associates to join the rest of the members world-wide to pray for the MSP and their work, encourage vocations, and imitates the spirit of St. Paul using their time, talent and treasure.

Reported by Fr. Felix Ilesanmi Osasona, MSP

Some pictures of the event

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The Missionary Society of St Paul began as an idea in the mind of its founder, Dominic Cardinal Ekandem. He first conceived the idea in 1950, but it took about 27 years for it to mature and see the light of day.

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