New Mission Opens In The Bahamas

By Fr Nduka Uzor, MSP

When the paper works were through and we were ready to move as pioneer missionaries of the missionary society of St Paul of Nigeria to the Common Wealth of the Bahamas, Frs. Paschal Ukpeh, Henry Osuagwu and I (Nduka Uzor), all MSP, left Nigeria on the 28th of January 2010 amidst prayers and good wishes from the brothers at the headquarter of the society in Gwagwalada, Abuja. The two day journey was paused at London, where Fr Mark Odion, MSP picked us up and ensured our onward departure the next day. The cold weather in London at the time reminded us that we were out of Nigeria. Nine and a half hours after we left London, we arrived Lynden Pindling Airport, in Nassau, Bahamas, where Msgr Alfred Culmer, the chancellor of the archdiocese, was already waiting. He drove us all to the church of the resurrection, where we are all resident. Fr paschal has been appointed the pastor of this parish by Archbishop Patrick Pinder, S.T.D., C.M.G., the ordinary of the diocese, while Fr Henry and Fr Nduka travel to different family islands for masses every weekend.
The people of Bahamas are about 85% blacks. They are warm and really religious. There are about thirty seven catholic churches in the Bahamas. The country is basically a tourist country due to its beautiful beaches and good weather. -Fr Nduka Uzor, MSP

L-R, Fr Henry Osuagwu, MSP, Archbishop Patrick Pinder, S.T.D., C.M.G., Fr Nduka Uzor, MSP and Fr Paschal Ukpeh, MSP

L-R Fr Henry Osuagwu, MSP, Fr Nduka Uzor, MSP and Fr Paschal Ukpeh, MSP

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