• Blessed are they who, like St Paul believe that God has a dream for each one of us (Gal. 1:5)
    They will search for that dream, hold fast to it and it will be realized in their lives.
  • Blessed are they who, like St Paul, know how to thank God for everything (1cor. 4:7)
    They will live in humility and peace.
  • Blessed are they who, like St Paul, consider everything as so much rubbish when compared to the profound knowledge of Jesus Christ. (Phil. 3:7)
    They will be stretched into growth by their continual pursuit of Him in everything.
  • Blessed are they who, like St Paul, feel that they have not yet arrived at their goal, and strive consistently toward it.
    They will reach fullness of life.
  • Blessed are they who, free of heart, like St Paul, make themselves servants of all for the sake of the gospel. (1cor. 9:19)
    They will find in their journey innumerable friends.
  • Blessed are they who, like St Paul, know that they possess an immense treasure in vessels of clay.
    They will come face to face with extraordinary power from God.
  • Blessed are they who, like St Paul, have experienced everything in Christ, thirst and hunger, be poor and to be rich' (Phil. 4:12)
    They will be serene and strong in every situation.
  • Blessed are they who, like St Paul, face thousands of difficulties for the purpose of announcing the Gospel (2Cor. 11:29)
    At the end of their life, they will be lifted up with the beauty and meaning given by this quest. They will not have lived in vain.

Adapted from the Pauline Beatitudes by the Daughters of St Paul.

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